ACBPS CEO speech to the 2014 World Customs Organisation IT Conference and Exhibition

Welcome to the 2014 World Customs Organisation Information Technology Conference and Exhibition. This year the theme is “IT as a catalyst for economic competitiveness”, with the subtheme of “innovation powering the facilitation of trade and tourism”. Now, there are a lot of words in that theme, but if you break it up, each one of those words and those phrases is very, very important. Read More →

CEO Speech to the National Security College, ANU

Check against delivery Today, I would like to explore Australia's border security challenges and how the Australian Customs and Border Protection service is rapidly adapting to this new world environment.  My aim is to encourage u... Read More →

CEO speech to the AusInternodal Conference

CEO speech to the AusIntermodal Conference 9 October 2013 Check against delivery Thank you for that kind introduction and for the opportunity to speak with you today. It is events like these that build on the ties between industry and ... Read More →

Statement on integrity issues

I would like to address the issue of corruption in the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service. The Committee should expect more arrests of Customs and Border Protection officers, as a result of on-going investigations, which I... Read More →